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Our Code Of Conduct


Statement of Purpose: To establish and maintain a safe, caring and orderly environment for purposeful learning. Last year we completed a Values and Needs Assessment at PHSS in order to make sure that the schoolís vision is aligned with its Learning Community. Parents, Staff, and Students were provided opportunities to give feedback and thus our new school vision/values system was formed:
Pender Harbour Secondary School:
Caring, Communication
Accountability, Aspire
All discussions based around conduct of a learning community member will be framed through our School Lens: CARES

Guiding Principles
Pender Harbour is a school community that embraces restitution and restorative practices.
  • Disciplinary action will be preventive and restorative whenever possible, rather than merely punitive. Discipline is the act of teaching acceptable social behaviour.  It is not just the elimination of inappropriate behaviour. It involves teaching an individual to choose behaviours that will enhance and empower him/her to coexist in culturally adaptive and healthy way.
  • Consequences will depend on the severity and frequency of the inappropriate behaviour as well as the age and maturity of the student.
Effective consequences will:
  • Be a learning experience for the student involved.  He/she should also be taught alternative appropriate behaviour to the situation.
  • Have a positive influence on the learning environment in the classroom and the school.  Consequences should be directed at the misbehaviour, not at the individual.  Discipline should not involve retaliation, confrontation, or humiliation.  All parties involved should feel that inappropriate behaviour has been promptly and justly dealt with.
  • Act as a deterrent for similar behaviour by impressionable students.
  • Consistent and fair responses to misbehaviour are a priority.
  • As often as possible, students will be involved in problem solving discussions with other students, staff members and/or parents in order to fix their mistakes and restore their sense of self.
  • Steps will be taken to prevent retaliation by a person against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of the code of conduct.

Be:  Caring, Courteous, Cooperative, Committed, and Conscientious
  • Treat others (staff, students, visitors) with courtesy and respect
  • Progressively assume responsibility and leadership roles
  • Take pride in individual achievements
  • Respect the personal property of others and their right to privacy
  • Ensure the safety of others and not bully, threaten, or physically harm anyone else     

Certain behaviours such as bullying, harassment, intimidation, defiance, violence, and the use of illegal substances are totally unacceptable. Consequences for these actions may range from being sent home to an in-school or formal suspension.


All secondary schools on the Sunshine Coast follow the Guidelines for Suspension table posted on our website. The following behaviours may lead to a suspension:

Willful Disobedience:   
        Any student not adhering to a reasonable request by any staff member will be sent home immediately and not permitted reentry until she/he has explained the refusal to act to the teacher involved, in the presence of a parent and administrator.

        Drug or alcohol involvement is defined as possessing, using, smelling of, or being with someone while they were using drugs or alcohol.  

Assault is defined as threatening or intimidating behaviour in addition to physical acts of violence towards a student, teacher, or other staff member.

Weapons are defined (as per District Policy 6950) as:

a)      anything used or intended for use in causing death or injury to persons whether designed for that purpose or not;
        b)      anything used or intended for use in threatening or     
                intimidating any persons;
        c)      anything else that, in the opinion of an administrative officer,
                is potentially dangerous in the hands of a particular student or in a specific situation.

District Policy requires that all incidents involving drugs, alcohol, assault or weapons be reported to the RCMP.

Bullying and Harassment
Students and staff have the right to be in a school community that is free of bullying, intimidation, harassment, racism, sexism and homophobia. We will not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of~gender expression,~gender identity or sexual orientation~(Bill 27, Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2016).There is no place for these practices at Pender. Our goal is to build a community that fosters respect, inclusion, fairness and equity.



Regular attendance is extremely important.  
When requested, teachers will provide work for excused absences. However, experience and research indicate that attendance and student performance have a direct correlation. Students are responsible for making up the missed work within the given time frame or an "incomplete" may be assigned.

        1.      If a student is absent due to curricular or extracurricular reasons:
                ï      students are expected to see teachers in advance of the         
                        absence, complete the field trip form and make  
                        arrangements for missed tests/quizzes/assignments.
        2.      If a student is absent due to illness, injury, family crisis,   
                funeral, medical or dental appointments:
                ï      parents are asked to contact the school by phone, note or       
                        email to alert the school.
                ï      students are to see teachers on the first day back to make      
                        arrangements for missed tests/quizzes/assignments.
3.      If a student must be absent for other reasons, please contact the school at the earliest possible date in order for teachers to prepare work or an alternate assignment.
4.      Students who wish to leave before the end of the school day must sign out at the office.  The school takes the information on the sign-in, sign-out sheet very seriously, as it is an official record of a student's whereabouts. Permission to sign out must be verified by someone in the office to ensure that a parent has given permission to the student to sign out.
5.      Students whose progress is affected by chronic absenteeism may have to justify their continued presence at the school.  Poor attendance and unexcused absences will result in a parent meeting and possibly an alternate school setting.


Students whose absences are not excused by their parents or guardians are considered to be "skipping" school.
1.      Missed tests, quizzes, and marked in-class activities will result in an incomplete until they are made up as agreed to by the teacher and student.
2.      On the first occurrence of skipping, the teacher will warn the student and notify parents of consequences.
3.       Further occurrences of skipping may result in in a suspension or       individual course reassignment.

Students are expected to arrive in class:
ï on time and prepared to participate positively
ï with appropriate books and supplies
ï with all prescribed homework and assignments completed
Students who are late must sign in at the office if they are late for the first class in the morning.
  • Teachers will assign their own consequences for lates and notify parents if the situation is chronic.
  • Chronic tardiness will be referred to administration.

Medical Room
Students who become ill during the school day should sign out and go home if parental consent can be obtained. Students are to inform the teachers of classes that will be missed. If parents canít be reached, junior students will be signed into the medical room. Senior students may be dismissed at office discretion.

Physical Education Class Exemptions
If you are well enough to come to school but have good reason not to participate in PE, a note from a parent or doctor is required for presentation to your PE teacher. You will be required to remain in the PE class and may be asked to participate as much as you are able. You may be required to make up the missed time.


Bicycles are not to be stored in the school. Longboards should not to be used on school property.

Parents Please Note:
The school cannot provide direct supervision of students engaged in longboarding - particularly off the school grounds.  If you allow your teen to bring a board to school, it is your responsibility to:
a)      Be sure that he/she has appropriate safety gear.
b)      Let your teen know your expectations about riding along the busy highway.

Students Please Note: If you board in an unsafe manner at, to or from school, you may be asked not to bring your board to school.

All members of the school community shall respect reasonable standards of appropriateness in dress.  Clothing is not appropriate if it becomes distracting in the learning and working situation.  Clothing bearing direct or indirect messages or graphics referring to drugs, including alcohol or cigarettes, or of a discriminatory, sexual, or violent nature, cannot be worn at school. The Principal is given the authority to ask any member of the school community not respecting these guidelines to change into suitable clothing, provided by the office if necessary.  

Bottom Lines
PHSS maintains the following bottom lines that need to be maintained in order to continue attending the school:
  • Students must follow clear and reasonable requests by staff members.  Students who fail to do so will be considered to be in Direct Defiance of a staff member and will face consequences.
  • Students must try to complete the work assigned to them.  Students who are failing and not trying may be sent home pending a parent meeting.
  • Students must attend classes on a regular basis.  Students who fail to do so may be sent home pending a parent meeting.
  • Students must not use or be under the influence or be in possession of drugs or alcohol while at school or school-related events.  Failure to comply will result in an out of school suspension and will require a parent meeting.
  • Weapon possession or use while at school or during a school-related event will result in an indefinite suspension pending a parent meeting.
  • Bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, intimidation, or physical violence will not be tolerated and will result in the student being sent home pending a parent meeting.
  • Use of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes/vapes) on school grounds is not permitted...  

When there is a breach of school Code of Conduct, school officials have the responsibility to advise the following:
  • Parents of offenders, victims
  • School district officials as required by school district policy
  • Police and/or other agencies, as required by law

Except for unusual circumstances and pre-approved by school administration, guests are not permitted during class time, as this can be disruptive to education. To bring a guest to a dance, permission from administration is required. Students are responsible for all actions of their guests.

Gym Use
Running shoes with non-marking soles must be worn.  Jewelry should not be worn while engaging in gym activities.  Food or drink is not permitted in the gymnasium at any time.
Language appropriate in an office setting is what is appropriate here. Profanity is not acceptable.

Locks and Lockers
You are responsible for your locker and its contents at all times. Lockers must be kept locked when unattended with a school-approved combination lock. The combination must be registered at the office. Lockers remain the schoolís property and for health and safety reasons may be opened by the school administration at any time.

Scent & Fragrances Policy
All schools in our District are designated scent-free zones.  Many people have severe allergies to scented products.  Parents and students are asked to refrain from wearing any scents at the school.
Bus Expectations and Procedures
Bus transportation is a privilege and ensuring a safe and pleasant ride for everyone is essential. The bus driver is fully in charge of his/her bus.

Cheating and Plagiarism
Academic conduct and in particular cheating and plagiarism are a part of our student code of conduct.  

Plagiarism occurs when anotherís words, ideas or work (an invention, a lyric, music, a picture, a research paper, an Internet article, etc.) are submitted as oneís own or used without the creatorís permission. Plagiarism is easily avoided by crediting (citing) all the work of others that you include in yours. Your teacher or librarian can show you how.  Plagiarism is a form of cheating. Cheating is a serious breach of academic conduct and personal integrity.

When either has occurred, administration and parents will be informed and no marks will be awarded for the work involved. A pattern of cheating may lead to withdrawal from a course since we cannot assess a student when we are not confident that the work is the studentís own.                                                            

Last Modified: Sep 12, 2018