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About Our School

PHSS is a small rural high school on the north end of the Sunshine
Coast, which has a school population of 82 students (Grade 7-12).
Pender Harbour is a unique community with a cross section of
families socioeconomically.

We are faced with small cohorts of students across all grades.
There are challenges providing a broad based graduation program
because of our numbers, but we have been able
to take advantage of the Spider distributed learning options. We will
continue to work with the SCAS (Spider Program) to ensure that we
can provide the options that our students need.

We try to maintain a high level of physical activity via our intramural
program, along with our extracurricular sports- our Annual Sports
Day is a highlight for our school.

We are supported well by community members volunteering in
various ways including: coaching sports, running our hot lunch
program, as well as assisting us in boat building for the annual April
Tools Boat Race.

Our student population includes 22 % with First Nations ancestry.


All students have a responsibility to themselves and to society to develop their potential:  academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  A balanced development, accompanied by excellence in those areas for which they have a particular aptitude, will maximize their chances of achieving happiness in life while making a positive contribution to society.

School Goals
These goals have been developed in consultation with the School Planning Council (SPC).

1.      Improve the literacy level of all of our students. An emphasis will be on improving writing.
2.      Increase the level of physical activity of all of our students.
3.      Increase the level of cultural awareness of all of our students.


Students looking for their provincial exams marks may want to go to the following site-- they will need their PEN # which can be found on their report card:

If you are looking for some online help for homework you may want to check ot the following:

If you are interested in the BC Ministry of Education Plan please go to the following link:

Last Modified: Oct 30, 2016